Cruising Through Great Times

It’s been another fun-filled week on the SOLARIS, with each cruise bringing special moments for not only the guests but our staff. As we embark on each of our dinner cruises, we never know what to expect or what memories will be made with those particular guests that night but it is always a time of laughter, fun and memories.
We kicked off the weekend on a romantic note on our Dinner and Fireworks Cruise. During our live entertainment, one guest had a surprise up his sleeve for all of us. Richard surprised his girlfriend by taking the microphone and proposing to Sara in front of everyone. Congrats for putting a ring on it! PS. She said yes!

The rain has been a bit of a damper but it hasn’t stopped our staff or guests from having fun. The sun did eventually peek through just in time as we headed towards the Mid-Bay bridge. The breaking sun rays were a serene moment for all of us, reminding us of why we love Destin Florida.

And speaking of fun, our guests have been having a ball on the dancefloor. Breaking it down to live music, kids, families and couples alike have been dancing the night away. How cute are these kids doing the YMCA?
Don’t miss out on the fun this summer. Experience Destin Florida on the water as you dance, dine and cruise!

Lifetime Memories on Every Cruise

We are so honored to not only have an incredible loyal following of customers but also that they choose the SOLARIS and our staff as part of their once in a lifetime experiences. From weddings to family vacations to retirement parties, memories are created on every SOLARIS cruise for a number of occasions.
Case in point…this recent testimonial from Tanya on their July 2013 Destin Dining cruise on the SOLARIS. “WOW!! Here is a quick version of our love story. In a small farm town I call home in Kansas 13 years ago, I married the One True Love of My Life. His “other” Wife and my “other” husband… the ARMY… took him to one side of the country and kept me there in Kansas. Life won over time and we eventually divorced through the mail.
The Monday after we married, he left and I never saw his face again… until 13 years later. He and I re-connected after a friend request on Facebook. It was like we were never apart. I was still in Kansas and he had been through difficult times in Army’s Special Forces.
We decided that nothing would get in our way again. I prayed…packed a bag, took my daughter’s hand, kissed my son and moved to Florida. The first time in my life I ever moved away from home at 33. On Feb 16, 2013 I married the One True Love Of My Life for the second time. God Is AMAZING!
So, anyway, with the craziness of life, ARMY and kids, we stole a moment for “us” and went on this cruise. Great Food, Amazing staff, I can’t say enough good things about it. That night was magical and it was like a time warp back to that night 13 years ago when I married my One True Love of My Life the first time. I can’t wait to book again!!
We had a blast meeting the fantastic couples also seated at our table! We hope to make it a tradition and go again and again. We are gonna be that little old couple with the great Real Life Love Story that dances on the upper deck while the sun sets and so crazy in Love. Thank you for the GREAT memories. I am telling everyone I know….. for a night to remember…. you are our #1 pick! Thank you!”
Thank YOU for letting us be apart of these serene moments!