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Recently we added a draft system to the SOLARIS. This was not necessarily by a stroke of genius but in order to offer our Destin weddings and private cruises the popular Guinness on draft. BOOM, fire the cannons, good time had by all.
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Guinness all began with a pen stroke in 1759; that is when Arthur Guinness signs a 9,000-year lease on an unused brewery at St. James’s Gate, Dublin. It costs him an initial £100 (about $147 US dollars) with an annual rent of £45 (about $66 US dollars) – this includes crucial water rights. The brewery covers four acres and consists of a copper, a kieve, a mill, two malthouses, stabling for 12 horses and a loft to hold 200 tons of hay. Nice deal Arthur!
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So, we’ve brewed up our own now Arthur… we set sail with our “Float Your Boat” promotion. We have paired up some of our bottled beer offerings to give you a different taste of Guinness draft, a spin on the old Black & Tans.
Come aboard and have a “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Yueng Yang”, “Hazed & Confused” or a “Snake Bite” which features Kelly’s Irish Cider. They will put a wind in your sails!
Call our event planners at 850.650.2519 or request information online for Destin weddings or private events.

Destin Weddings Talk from Planners | Emergency Kit

After 10 years of planning Destin weddings, our wedding planners know that there will be last minute, not-so-planned moments on the big day. Kristi and her staff will have all hands on deck all day on your wedding day to coordinate outside vendors, decorate and assist in making your day perfect.
While we hope everything on your day is perfect, it’s better to be prepared for the before, during and after of the big day. Our Destin wedding planners will ensure that the bride and her bridal party on comfortable and prepared on the yacht’s private bridal suite.
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We always recommend that the maid of honor or the mom of the bride pack a “wedding day emergency kit” to avoid any last minute panics. Some things to include in the kit include bobby pins, q-tips, hair spray, mints, deodorant, curling iron, safety pins, small sewing kit, Tide pen, mouth wash, toothbrush, mints, lotion, back up lipstick / touch up make up.
Other things no bride should go without include aspirin, band aids, white chalk to cover any smudges on your dress), eye drops, extra panty hose, clear nail polish, hem tape and scotch tape. It also couldn’t hurt to have some snacks (granola bars, etc) on hand to make sure everyone is powered up before the big moment.