Meet Your SOLARIS Wedding Planner

One of the biggest perks of booking your Destin Florida wedding and/or reception on the SOLARIS is that it includes our full-time, experienced wedding planner. For years, Kristi has made wedding dreams come true and made the entire process stress-free for our SOLARIS couples.
destin florida weddings planner
Kristi was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where her dad was a youth minister. Throughout her first 18 years, she witnessed her dad officiate hundreds of weddings, many taking place near or on the Chesapeake Bay. Kristi’s mom worked at the U.S. Naval Institute, so boats were a part of her life as well.
Kristi has always been a team player. She grew up playing soccer beginning at the age of five years and continued playing while earning her Communications Degree from Brewton-Parker College in Georgia.
Kristi has been an integral part of the SunQuest Cruises team for the past six years. Her warm personality and contagiously positive energy makes her a tremendous asset to the company and the couples she works with.
What is your philosophy on wedding planning?
“The biggest thing I focus on first is that this is the couple’s day. Our couples not only get a planner but they are more importantly getting an entire team of wedding experienced staff to take care of them. We do everything in our power to make their wedding day as easy and stress-free as possible. If it were up to us, we would do everything for them and let them enjoy the ride.
I love helping people – it’s one of the things that drives my husband and 2 kids crazy! I believe we were given 2 commandments- Serve God and Serve People and by serving people, we are serving God. Helping couples and their families in any way that I can is how I can live out my desire to serve people on a daily basis through my work.”
What is the first step after a SOLARIS wedding is booked?
“I get in touch with them immediately and we start working on the Big Day Questionnaire. I generally correspond by email and this is especially good for couples who have tight work or school schedules or who live far away. The questionnaire covers everything from descriptions of their ideal wedding and expectations to colors and themes.”
What is it like to work with couples that live across the country?
“It’s actually a lot easier that it seems. Sometimes our couples don’t come into town until the weekend of their wedding so it’s up to our team to send them real time pictures, videos and all the details to ensure they are comfortable with their big day plans. Over the past six years, I’ve grown to know lots of vendors in the area. I am here to help brides find the right vendors for them, whether they are local or not.”
Where does most of the focus lie in the wedding planning process?
“Day of coordination is key – our team coordinates from beginning to end, so our bridal parties aren’t lost during the event, they have guidance. When we coordinate, we don’t coordinate events the way we think it should go—I create a timeline WITH the couple beforehand and we implement the timeline that was approved by them—and if day of changes are needed—no problem, we roll with the punches!”
What is unique about planning SOLARIS weddings?
“They are some of the most beautiful weddings in the world – between the water, the sunset and the venue, it’s just breathtaking. But the yacht is a very unique venue that requires experienced professionals. We’re planning indoor and outdoor decor, specialty lighting, etc. It’s also important that our couples select outside vendors (i.e. photographers, videographers, etc.) that are experienced with unique venues and locations.”
What is your main objective when working with a SOLARIS couple?
“My objective is that the couples feel completely comfortable and calm when they wake up on their wedding day, knowing that their Sunquest wedding professional team is taking care of it all!”
Have a wedding planning question? Email and Kristi will answer your question on our blog and Facebook page!

Destin Florida Weddings | Personalized Yacht Weddings

Destin Florida Weddings | Up Close & Personal Touches on the SOLARIS Yacht

destin florida weddings on the solaris yachtOur wedding planners work with couples of all budget levels to create a Destin Florida wedding as unique as they are. Luckily, having a wedding on the SOLARIS yacht already makes the wedding and experience stand out from others. Regardless of budgets, there are many other ways to add accents that reflect the couple’s personality.
Signature Cocktails – Whether you and your fiancee share a favorite cocktail or you want to create one, you can work with our full-service bartenders to serve a refreshing concoction to your guests before or during the reception at our mahogany bar. The sky’s the limit from tropical drinks to fine wines and champagnes.
Picture This – Displaying pictures of you and your fiance throughout the years and throughout the progression of your relationship is always a fun, personal touch at a wedding and reception. However, instead of opting for a scrolling slide show, consider framing those pictures and displaying them throughout the yacht, including the centerpieces, bar, cocktail tables and cake table. Then you can take the framed pictures to your new home.
Color, Color, Color – Our wedding planners suggest choosing 2-3 main colors and then 1-2 accent colors for your Destin Florida wedding and reception. Another big trend right now is choosing one main color and using a variety of light to dark variations of that one color. Your color will set the tone for the wedding and will be reflected in everything patterns to decor to flowers.
Center of Attention – The centerpieces will be the focal point and set the tone of your reception. Present an inviting table that reflects your style – anything from formal flower arrangements that match the bouquets to an eclectic mix of pictures, bottles and candlelight.
These are just a few of the many personal touches our wedding planners can make possible for your Destin Florida wedding. Contact them today with any questions you might have.