Weddings in Destin Profile | Camara and Marcus

Another amazing wedding in Destin is on the horizon on the SOLARIS yacht. Congrats to Camara and Marcus who will be getting married on the SOLARIS in November.
Here’s their love story: “We met 365 days ago and within a week of meeting knew we were right for each other. Our process was quick and easy. We got engaged on Feb 27th which is also Camara’s birthday and have never separated. We were made for each other. And with God in our lives, the love and support of our friends and family, and each other we are happy and a success.”
Camara loves to play volleyball and all other sports as well as watching movies and having fun outdoors. Marcus loves fishing and anything else that involves using his hands.
For their wedding, Camara and Marcus have chosen shades of blue and a beach romance theme – a perfect compliment to the SOLARIS yacht! Their priority is for their guests to have a fun and memorable experience. The cake will pay tribute to their roots with a traditional Jamaican cake (sounds delicious!).
We can’t wait to celebrate this great couple in just a few weeks!
weddings in destin Camara and Marcus

Destin Florida Weddings Profile | Alyson and Josh

Congrats to Alyson and Josh who will be getting married in Destin with a SOLARIS Yacht Wedding this December.
They got engaged on the sky deck of the SOLARIS and now they are hosting their Destin wedding and reception in the exact same place. How great is this engagement story?
“Alyson, being the Auburn grad that she is moves to “the other side of the state” … Tuscaloosa. She moves into a cute little house and meets her next door neighbor, Justin Slaton. At the time, no one knew that Justin had a side business in match-making; however, as time would tell…he would retire in this business with a pretty steady record of one for one. 🙂
After a Sunday Service at Church of the Highlands Tuscaloosa Campus, Justin and Alyson had a nice backyard chat about meeting at the upcoming First Wednesday Service. They decided that they would sit together with each of their friend groups.
Well, Wednesday comes along and as Alyson sits down with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Justin (funny how names work out in this story), she texts Justin (the match-making neighbor) where she is sitting so that they could all sit together. Well, as Alyson puts down her phone, she looks up, and sees this “friend” that Justin and his now wife Claire decided to bring along with him. Her first thought was, “oh my stars, that boy is cuuuuuutteee.”
The following day, Alyson and Josh begin to start texting and that’s when the relationship begins to evolve. The first date included a dinner at El Mariachi, their favorite mexican restaurant in town, and after that, they saw each other nearly almost every day after work. Four months later, after discussing that they both wanted to become husband and wife one day, the couple was touring the SOLARIS yacht in Destin Florida for a possible reception venue. Alyson and Josh get to the top of the boat, where an alter stands for weddings that take place on the boat.
Alyson’s mother says, “Hey, why don’t y’all go up there and take a picture.” Well, to say the least, this was not some ordinary picture. As Alyson is posing, Josh begins talking and telling her how much he loves her and then drops to a knee and asks for her hand in marriage. After an “Oh my lanta” and a “YES!” the two become engaged. :)”
destin fla weddings alyson and josh
We can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful couple in union in December. Congrats you two!
destin fla weddings alyson and josh 2

Destin Fall Weddings Ideas from SOLARIS Wedding Planners

“Fall” in love with these autumn-inspired ways to enhance the seasonal mood for Destin weddings. Whether you are in the planning stages or looking to add a special final touch, our Destin wedding planners give you so many ways to show your individuality and creativity with your wedding in Destin.
Colors: The most popular color this fall is cranberry. You can also go with vibrant color schemes like pink, coral, and yellow shades or go more on the pastel side with mustard yellow, peach, butter yellow, and pink. Other popular colors include camel, bronze, teal, sangria, navy and mauve.
Fall Foliage: Incorporate pinecones, wheat, acorns, and fresh autumn blooms, such as freesia and orchids, in everything from bouquets and boutonnieres to center pieces and even the ring pillow. Embellish aisles and altar with colorful wreaths from vibrant fall foliage as well.
destin fall weddings sandestinUnforgettable Fall Fun: Regardless of the season, give your guests an experience they will never forget. Outdoor fall weddings and receptions on the SOLARIS are unforgettable with the fall crisp air and vibrant sunset colors. You can also have a Facetime Photobooth on the yacht – giving your guests a fun keepsake to remember your big day.
Fall flavors: Let our bartenders mix up a fall signature drink for your wedding – anything from Cranberry Cosmopolitans to Pomegranate Champagne. Our chefs can also incorporate succulent fall flavors into your menu – everything that you will plan with your wedding planner.
Fall favors: The Emerald Coast is home to various local honey merchants. The Honey Hutch is one of several family-owned businesses that keep bees to make and sell homemade candles, soaps, lotions and even face scrubs in addition to locally harvested honey. A sweet, local keepsake for your guests.